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6 Day Riot Album Launch at the Jazz Cafe

Tamara Schlesinger and co launched new album On This Island in glorious surround sound at the Jazz Cafe on Weds 10th November 2010. Supported by Ian King and Richard Herring (yes, the comedian)

Written by Amelia Gregory

6 Day Riot by Karina Yarv
6 Day Riot by Karina Yarv.

We arrived at the Jazz Cafe just in time to catch the promising tail end of blues infused folk maestro Ian King, who was followed by a set from comedian Richard Herring, trudging out the same old jokes (last heard at Latitude this summer) about his sad child less bachelor life. Is he in fact happily married, I wonder? Is it all just part of the comic schtick? He had clearly come prepared for a slightly more rowdy pre gig audience, with some poetry that he had written as an 18 year old virgin during his gap year "they called it a year out in those days". Lines such as "The only water that was pure was from an orphan's tears," elicited plenty of giggles.

6 Day Riot-Tamara Schlesinger photo by Amelia Gregoryread more

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An interview with Jamie McDermott of The Irrepressibles.

New contributor Andrew Lockwood managed to track down the incredibly talented Jamie McDermott, the man behind The Irrepressibles, a long time favourite band for Amelia's Magazine. Images by Helmetgirl.

Written by Andrew Lockwood

The Irrepressibles by Helmetgirl. If Amelia’s Magazine had a wish list of character traits that would perfectly encapsulate its personality then you would struggle to surpass those of Jamie McDermott, one of […]

Interview: The Hundred In The Hands

It was only a year ago that avant - pop duo THITH began recording. Now they are in the midst of a European tour (and playing Green Man this weekend), creating a stir with their debut EP and have a hotly anticipated album out in September. If you haven't encountered them yet, here's your chance.

Written by Nina Joyce

As I arrive at The Hundred in the Hands soundcheck, the floor of the upstairs room of the Old Blue Last is littered with an array of guitars, wires, and […]

Vintage at Goodwood: Festival Review

So, how did Vintage at Goodwood measure up to the hype? Was it, as feared, just a glorified "vintage" shopping experience? On Saturday I went down to check out the festival for myself. This is what I thought.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Dahling by Abigail Nottingham. “We’re building great cafes and restaurants on the Vintage High St, where you will even find a Waitrose.” So said the flyer that I picked up […]

An interview with ace comedian and Latitude regular Robin Ince.

Robin Ince talks Latitude, crabs, climate change and the joys of Mills and Boon. Plus what he recommends you see at Latitude festival this year.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Robin Ince by Sayaka Monji. I will not tell a lie – I first encountered Robin Ince only last month, when I attended his School for Gifted Children at Bloomsbury […]

Festival Preview: Latitude

Come one, come all, to Suffolk. Suffolk? Yes, Suffolk. There's a really bloody brilliant festival there.

Written by Ian Steadman

The first festival I ever had the fortune to attend was Latitude 2007. Still a fresher at university, still fresh-faced and just a little naïve; a small hatchback, four friends, […]

The Festival Arts Scene 2010

Aside from all the music, drugs, tents and dirt, festivals actually have an artistic side too.

Written by Amica Lane

I’m not the best person to be covering the arts events of this summer, taking place at a smattering of festivals across the UK. The reason for this is quite […]

Festival Review: Latitude

Suffolk, 17th - 19th July

Written by Alice Watson

I imagine it was how Glastonbury started out at the beginning. Families, bare feet, small scale, culture beyond music. Life affirming performances, shady woodland and well managed recycling schemes. New […]

Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival

Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk, 12 - 15 July 2007

Written by Joanna McGarry

Festivals. These days its hard to know where to begin; with so many vying for our affections (and hard earned cash) you can’t see the wood for the trees. And […]