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Music: An Interview with Nancy Elizabeth

We have been Nancy supporters for a long while. We were lucky enough to get an interview with the stunning singer, songwriter and multi-instrument playing lady. She's super.

Written by Helen Martin

Rachel Freire S/S 2011, website like this illustrated by Krister Selin

'I'm terrible at interviews' I announce shortly after arriving at Rachel Freire's East London studio. A bit of a melodramatic introduction, stomach maybe; but as I now sit staring at my notes which resemble the scribbles of a toddler I now know why I said it.

My trouble is that I just like to listen to people. I get lost in conversation and forget to write anything down. I refuse to record interviews because I hate the sound of my own voice and I find it a bit of a distraction, cialis 40mg so my erratic notes are all I have to record our meeting. Sometimes, if I meet up with somebody and they don't say much, I can manage it; when I meet people like Rachel Freire - gorgeous, mesmerising, opinionated, articulate - I'm… read more

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