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London Fashion Week A/W 2011 Womenswear Preview

A run down of our favourite womenswear designers ahead of London Fashion Week AW 2011. Featuring individual profiles of seven designers complete with fantastic illustrations.

Written by Florence Massey

Illustration by Maria Papadimitriou

I'll never say a bad word about Mr Paul Costelloe. His was the first on-schedule show I ever saw, drug visit this back in 2008. It was a disaster - you can read my review here (my have we come a long way with our fashion week reviews). Despite that particular experience being pretty traumatic, viagra 40mg I always look forward to what he'll present us each season, and I genuinely believe he's the most underrated designer on the schedule - AND he always gets that hideous graveyard 9.30am opening slot. Anyway, enough of the pity, I'm sure he gets along just fine.

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