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An interview with Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney of Lord Whitney

Meet Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney of Lord Whitney; they create astonishing set designs and props, all infused with a big sense of fun.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Lord Whitney by Liam Henry
Lord Whitney by Liam Henry.

Lord Whitney are not your average design team: within the space of just a few years, this unique partnership between trained graphic designers Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney has carved out an eye-catching niche within the worlds of set design, art direction and prop making - all from their base - an old mill in Leeds. They have just relaunched their website and are busy preparing for an exhibition created with the help of illustrator Jack Hudson: an entire back catalogue of LP covers designed to promote the sounds of fictitious musical artists. 'The exhibition will launch you into a sonic time warp where only the best bits from an era rich in music and visuals are permitted. Doves will cry. Hair will spontaneously perm.' I decided to find out more...

Lord Whitney. Photo by Liam Henryread more

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