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Graduate Fashion Week Interview: Northumbria’s Stephanie Jayne Price

In another post-Graduate Fashion Week interview, Matt Bramford chats to another of his favourites, Stephanie Jayne Price, about tailoring, the Toon and the stellar line-up of people in the fashion industry she worked with…

Written by Matt Bramford

Barry Flanagan's Nijinski Hare, treat illustrated by Naomi Law

I recently stepped out of London’s unusually baking sun to enjoy an afternoon visit to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. On reaching the courtyard, more about the whole place seemed to be in high spirits with Barry Flanagan’s bronze hares prancing around and the ordinarily stern permanent statue sporting a floral sash.

Photograph by Naomi Law

During the largest open exhibition in the UK, the labyrinthine rooms of Burlington… read more

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Don’t leave the light on, baby.

Britain Unplugged

Written by Tom Russell

So what do you do after you’ve taken back the gown, viagra approved order after you’ve drunken all the champagne, seek there after your parents have cried as much as […]