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Get volunteering with Fashion Awareness Direct

For those in the know, the organisation “FAD” is anything but a passing fad, but instead a key initiative that aims to help young people with real skill to cross from education into the fashion industry.

Written by Camilla Sampson

2009 Fashion Futures 1 - Project with teenagers in Newham_012009 Fashion Futures 1 - Project with teenagers in Newham

“FAD” is shorthand for ‘Fashion Awareness Direct,’ a registered charity since 2005; although it was successfully managed as a company from 1997. Its ethos focuses on making ‘the person central to design, promoting respect to the wearer and integrating art and culture into fashion’. I think this is a fabulous way of amalgamating fashion and oneself – allowing inner confidence as you wear the outfit, with the pieces representing you as an individual. To produce these designs FAD run a variety of professional fashion workshops, for ages 13 - 25, as well as inspirational industry days and even high profile catwalk events.  These are split into five main schemes: the Fairtrade Fashion Club, read more

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