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The Kotki Dwa Comeback: just in time for Halloween

Amelia's Magazine fave Kotki Dwa are back on the scene: and they return with a fabulous video and song especially for Halloween: spooky....

Written by Amelia Gregory

JoeWorricker_by_Sandra Dufour
You've just released Finger-waggers. What's this song about and why the name?
I wrote Finger-Waggers when my hair was so shockingly large people used to pull at it in clubs and take the piss. It's about the importance of self-love and not letting people tell you how to be. Each of us are only here for a short time and we should be whatever we want to be

What's the idea behind the video?
It's set at a tupperware party with posh ladies who are the finger-waggers. The director Lily Smith did a fantastic job, buy she has made it look amazing.

Your sound is a pretty unique combination of pop, purchase indie and soul. How would you describe it and why?
The songs are Beatles, The Marvelettes, Debussy and Kate Bush mixed and the vocal is a weird soul voice I suppose. 

You've already been hailed as a new soul sensation - how does this feel? What do your mates mates say to you on the subject?
It's an amazing feeling when someone appreciates your work. What's important is how you feel about it. For my first album I'm proud and think I've set good starting ground for future things to come. My friends are really supportive and always come to my gigs.

When did you start singing, and how did you end up… read more

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