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Lucy in Disguise Launch Party: With Diamonds VIP Dressing Room

A seductive world of dress-up and make-believe at Lucy in Disguise…

Written by Kate Ingram


Illustration by Lorraine Nam

When I worked in retail I found that the Christmas cd was despised. It was locked away, side effects the repetition of the jingly notes, a killer. I’ve hated the horrendous error of the repeating (SOLITARY) 90s ‘joyful’ cd myself. Is it laziness, the desire to inflict pain on co-workers, a smug middle management decision, or because without it shoppers would be confused and think Christmas aint on?

children's choir by daria hlazatova

Choir by Daria Hlazatova

I guess I am talking about pre-i pod years without choice and 20 plus tracks. The cd was awful kids! Possibly the worst case of ‘’ I’ve experienced, incidentally not at Christmas, was whilst I was working as a ‘Visitor Operations Team Member’ at a Cornish Castle in my summers. I’d avoid working in… read more

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