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Music: Interview with Cults

Spontaneous, fear of growing up, adult responsibility and cults - make for a happy mix in the music duo, Cults. Here follows an interview with the private Californians.

Written by Helen Martin

Cults by Gemma Smith
Cults by Gemma Smith
Illustration by Gemma Smith

Cults are a New York duo with a 60s guitar pop sound. Their debut album is out in May and I can't wait. Go Outside has transported my moods from dreary, information pills coffee needing blah, more about to jigging around on my wooden seat, dancing with the cat, joy. The harmonies are pure dream pop. Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin first posted three songs last spring anonymously on a Bandcamp account and have since received great support from the likes of Gorilla Vs Bear and NME. They've also supported Best Coast among others.

Could you introduce yourself please?
MF- He’s Brian Oblivion.
BO- She’s Madelline Follin

Could you describe your music?
On the surface it’s girl group inspired, bedroom pop, upbeat and uplifting but beneath that lies… read more

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