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Dispatches: Fashion’s Dirty Secret

A revealing documentary threw light on Britain's sweatshops thanks to an undercover reporter - but will it have enough impact to change Britain's dirty fast fashion habit?

Written by Nick Bain

Illustration by Antonia Parker

Saying you work in fashion normally garners one of two reactions: awe with a smidgen of jealousy on the presumption all you do is swan around with fabrics and making swishy type movements before dashing off to an exotic shoot/party/event of the year, more about ambulance or utter contempt.

On arriving at a friend's boyfriend's drinks it was the second reaction I received. He and his friends were doing a masters degree in ethical business, seek and had I arrived dressed as Cruella DeVil with a baby’s head on a silver platter I possible would have got a warmer reception. As allegedly glamorous as fashion is, medicine it is also many people’s… read more

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London Fashion Week S/S 2011: Triumph International Awards

Pre-Fashion Week kick-off, Triumph held their International Awards for lingerie design with a 'Shape Sensation' theme. Florence Massey reviews the event, with illustrations from Katie Harnett.

Written by Florence Massey

Illustration of Charlotte Taylor by Paolo Caravello 21 fashion shows over five days is no mean feat. The London Fashion Week experience is not complete until you see the sheer […]