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A Divorce Before Marriage: a film about I Like Trains and the music industry

Not enough is written about how the music industry works in the UK. This film seeks to redress the balance, and you can be a part of the final cut by contributing to their Kickstarter Campaign.

Written by Amelia Gregory

A Divorce Before Marriage I Like Trains film kickstarter campaign banner
A Divorce Before Marriage by directors by Matt Hopkins & Ben Lankester follows the Leeds based band I Like Trains following their rejection by the mainstream music industry. During this time they grow older, gain families and 'real' jobs... whilst remaining passionate about producing the music they love. As someone who is a long time fan of I Like Trains and a supporter of musicians working on the fringes of the commercial music industry I was most intrigued to hear about this feature length film, and asked director Ben to explain more...

A Divorce Before Marriage - Official Trailer from A Divorce Before Marriage on read more

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