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An interview with artist EJ Major

EJ Major’s book, ‘Love Is …’, is the culmination of thousands of postcards, hundreds of strangers and one very big question.

Written by Jessica Furseth

Each of the 7000 postcards sent out by EJ Major carries an image from the film ‘Last Tango In Paris’, link possibly to act as inspiration to the recipients as they pondered the question printed on the back. Not that it is a question, really, it simply says: ‘love is…’, and the chosen film is actually pretty ambiguous on the subject. Still, 450 people answered the challenge, returning the card to Major complete with their own tuppence worth on the topic that is love. Now the result has been gathered in a limited edition book. We had a chat with the artist about the inspiration behind the project, and how she feels about the result.

What inspired this project? Was it the film, the idea of strangers working together, or something else?
The inspiration for a project is always a question or an uncertainty, a niggle over something, though often I’m not even sure what that niggle is until some time later. At the time of making this project I had become fixated on freezing films. I’d completed the piece ‘Try To Do Things We All Can Understand’ where I used images and text from… read more

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