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Album review: Lymes – Goodbye Bangkok, and interview with Richard Gilbert

Richard Gilbert spent six years in Thailand, and this beautiful and unusual album is the result of his strange and unsettling experiences, put through a musical blender.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Voodoo Doll - Lymes by Janneke de Jong
Lymes - Voodoo Doll by Janneke de Jong.

Goodbye Bangkok was one of those wonderful surprises that landed in my musical inbox late last year. From first single Train to Penang - a mournful tune backed by a full orchestra - to the twinkling horns and swooping cellos of Welcome, the album is an elegiac treasure chest of unusual tunes inspired by Richard Gilbert's occasionally difficult time in Thailand. Despite harrowing subject matter there is real beauty in this collection; highlights include the duelling banjos that introduce love song The Fool, and a husky male voice submerged by honeyed female vocals in Voodoo Doll. Every song is an unexpected delight. A real find of 2011.

Lymes single cover
Your debut album came out last September, what has been the reaction? Any pleasant or unusual surprises?
Well, it has… read more

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