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Peek-a-Boo! Boo Saville: Trolley Gallery

Saville is represented by Trolley Gallery where she is currently showing an edition of unique prints. Gareth David is pleasantly spooked.

Written by Gareth David


All artworks courtesy of Boo Saville. Indefinate series, Oil on canvas, 2008

Boo Saville's show at the Trolley Gallery on Redchurch Street isn't the kind of thing that tomes and volumes can be written about. But I'll see how far I get. This is certainly her most confident work yet.


How do we feel?, Bleach on black cotton, 2010

The white backgrounds are gone, so has the ball-point pen. Instead we have richly dark spaces that exert magnetic and religious forces on the viewer. Where once we were separated from the subjects by a very stark distancing, we are now fully empathetic.

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