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The Golden Thread Awards at Fashion Week Poland A/W 2011: Oversized and Bulbous

Egg shaped, bulbous and oversized garments at The Golden Thread awards. Some of it worked really well, some of it nearly worked, and some of it just didn't... featuring Dominika Piekutowska Swed, Renata 'Miyabi' Molik, Igor Galas, Laura Holeczek and Martyna Idzikowska.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Dominika Piekutowska Swed by Lesley Barnes
Dominika Piekutowska Swed by Lesley Barnes.

There was a lot of bold egg like shapes going on at the Golden Thread awards. Bulbous shoulders, plump skirts, rotund headpieces, you name it. Some of it worked, some of it didn't. A word to the braver fashion designers of the world: make sure that your idea looks good on a moving model. It's kind of important when it comes to clothing.

Dominika Piekutowska Swed by Alia Gargum
Dominika Piekutowska Swed by Alia Gargum.

Dominika Piekutowska Swed
Dominika Piekutowska Swed Golden Thread Fashion Week Poland AW 2011read more

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