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Festival Preview: Secret Garden Party

Take a trip to Huntingdon, in Cambridgeshire, to attend one of the jewels in the crown of the British festival season

Written by Ian Steadman

secret garden party

Out of all the festivals that fill the calendar over the British summer, medical none are quite like the Secret Garden Party. Every year friends come back, page wide-eyed, stories tumbling from their mouths about the fantastical things that they have seen and experienced. Last year's festival had a whole stage on a boat in the middle of the lake on site (above) - as the festival was brought to close on the final night the ship was fully exploded in a mad orgy of fiery violence. It sounds like it was brilliant. Every year they have things like this.

It's a strange festival in that the attraction is not so much the lineup (good as it may be), or the site (beautiful though it is), but the other people who attend. The organisers explain it best:

"We provide the Garden and plant the seeds, but you nurture its life and allow it to blossom. It is your party - your creative participation allows the… read more

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Mr Fogg – Interview

Hailing from Reading, an interview with an electronic artist named for Phileas Fogg, whose edgy beats are garnering acclaim across radio and the web

Written by David McNamara

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