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Mothering Sunday 2012: an illustrated ode to Mothers everywhere

Illustrated dedications to wonderful mums everywhere. Why not let your mum know how much you care?

Written by Amelia Gregory

Mothering Sunday by Libby Burns
Mothering Sunday by Libby Burns.
She helps me grow!

As Mothering Sunday (or Mother's Day, as it has been rebranded in recent times) approaches this year, I felt compelled to put together a special blog, made possible by an open brief to my contributing illustrators which asked them to draw what came to mind and accompany it with a short paragraph about why their mother is so special.

As many of my readers are probably aware I am about to become a mother myself for the first time, and in the run up my own mother (and granny-to-be) has been incredibly helpful, loving and patient with me. She has offered me so much invaluable support that I really can't imagine what it would have been like without her to lean on and it makes me realise just how much this child will rely on me, most likely for the rest of their life, just as I still rely on my mum. Here's to mums everywhere x

A Mothers Love by Rebecca Higginsread more

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