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Nancy Dee: the ethical fashion range from sisters Tamsin and Seraphina Davis

Tamsin and Seraphina Davis are sisters in ethical fashion design. They started their label a few years ago to bridge the gap between style, versatility and ethical production. Here's a taster of their interview in ACOFI.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Emete Yarici by Jenny Lloyd

It’s impossible to miss the Make Lemonade pop-up shop as you walk up Chalton Street Market, treat with big windows displaying the warm and cosy scene for everyone to see. Even standing across the street you can see Make Lemonade founder Emete Yarici pottering around, ed accompanied by her interns Holly-ann Ladd and Bettina Krohn.

Make Lemonade pop-up shop

Step inside and you’ll find a myriad of treasure, starting with clothes from the Make Lemonade range of one-off vintage finds. As Emete talks me through the contributions from the various designers and artists around the shop it becomes clear this is very much a collaboration. ‘I have been working on getting a shop for over a year, but it’s been a mad rush at putting everything together as I only found out I was getting this shop last week,’ says Emete.

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Written by Amelia Gregory

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