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Paradise Lost: London College of Fashion ‘Digital Catwalk’ Second Year Student Show 2012

A selection of students from the London College of Fashion's part time Fashion Design and Realisation course exhibited their digital pattern work at a very impressive showcase at the University last Wednesday (21st of November 2012), an array of stunningly 'realised' cuts and original prints were seen, by Jenny Robins, who took her sketchbook as always.

Written by Jenny Robins

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All photographs by Milan Mosna

There was an impressive array of design flair, organisational wizardry and interesting pattern design on show at the London College of Fashion last Wednseday, especially considering the majority of the designs were from 2nd year BA students, and that many of these hold down jobs as well as studying. As the press release was at pains to point out, these are challenging times for budding creatives and it's good to see the sheer bloody-mindedness that it takes to put on this sort of event still going strong in the student body.

I'm only sorry I can't point you to more information about some of these "potential fashion leaders of tomorrow" on the web as, busy and second year as they are, they don't seem to have sorted blogs or portfolios that I can find online, though they are obviously at least halfway to realising that promotion is nine tenths of success because the reception space was full to… read more

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