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O.Children – Interview

Interview with a darkly-influenced band, weaving a web of gothic rock and noise

Written by Ian Steadman

The first thing that you'll notice about O.Children is that voice. Their singer sounds like he's singing from the crypt - hell, the whole band sound like they're howling from some horrible netherworld. Their indebtedness to the production style of the late 80s is clear (just stick on 'Floodland' by the Sisters of Mercy to see exactly how much), but their sound owes just as much to more modern exponents of shoegaze and noise rock.

An introductory note here: When I first 'got' music, when it became something more than a tinny backing tune on the radio on the school run, it was the 80s that I fell in love with. I would stay up late listening the epic squall that opens Bauhaus' 'In The Flat Field' over and over again; or I'd search the web for grainy videos of Joy Division performing before they were canonical; or I'd even stay to the very end of Nick Cave's solo set at… read more

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Protest against more flights at London City Airport

Celebrating more noise pollution, more flights and more deaths!

Written by Adam S

Today a group of activists went to London City airport to protest against the the expansion of flights from the airport. A new London to New York flight that only […]

Remember Remember

An Interview, Brighton, July 2009

Written by Rich Hanscomb

As a purveyor of Steve Reich meets Daniel Johnston instrumental music, Graeme Ronald, a.k.a. Remember Remember, is keen to take it to the stage as nature intended: “I’ve put together […]

Walkabout: Soundtrack Your Summer

Atlas Sound/ Panda Bear Collaboration, Dream Pop, Dream Team

Written by Roisin Conway

I’m not sure why summer feels like it needs a soundtrack more than autumn, winter or spring, but come June I find myself frantically making mix tapes for people so […]


Time to Die by The Dodos – ‘Patience is a Virtue’

Album Preview, Summer 2009

Written by Roisin Conway

For me, albums by bands I love leaking pre-release onto the internet is not dissimilar to that childhood dilemma of deciding whether to peek at your birthday presents too early […]


Riding the Wavves

Interview with Wavves, London

Written by Roisin Conway

Wavves, or Nathan Williams has been caught up in quite the maelstrom of controversy, some are critical of the lo-fi cassette production style, others question his professionalism after his Primavera […]


Review: Deerhoof at Scala, London, 1st July 2009

Written by Gareth David

If you don’t know who Deerhoof are, you might want to check your sources, reprimand your social group, and consider reading better magazines (and blogs, of course). Deerhoof haven’t quite […]

Music Listings

Gigs of the Week, Monday, Tuesday, Music Days!

Written by Roisin Conway

Monday 1st June Gang Gang Dance and About at Dingwalls, London. Gang Gang Dance are one of the most exciting bands around at the moment. They take inspiration from all […]

NOISE festival 08

, From October

Written by Tanya Geddes

So this morning I received an email shouting about NOISE, an online arts showcase funded by the Arts Council & NWDA. The idea is to showcase art, music and fashion […]