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Introducing Color On! Magazine: An Interview with Mary J. Winters-Meyer

Want to learn more about the adult colouring phenomenon? Then this interview with entrepreneurial colouring book artist Mary J. Winters-Meyer is a must read - a fascinating insight into the rapid growth of this creative hobby.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Meditations-On-Serenity Mary J Winter-Meyers
I found entrepreneurial colouring book artist and magazine publisher Mary J. Winters-Meyer when I was searching Facebook to find groups that might like to know about Amelia's Colourful Colouring Companion and came across her huge Coloring Books for Adults group. Following the links led me to Color On! Magazine, her new venture that caters to the international adult colouring community, featuring exclusive downloadable artwork from colouring artists. Mary is now a full time artist thanks to her new found love of colouring: proof, if ever there was needed, that colouring is a creative endeavour. This brilliant interview explains the lure of the colouring craze, and offers a fascinating insight into the rapid growth of this creative hobby.

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