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Exhibition: HIPSTAMATICS at the Orange Dot Gallery, Bloomsbury

The first of its kind, a new exhibition showcases 157 photographs taken by iPhone Hipstamatic app users…

Written by Matt Bramford

Illustration by Emma Block

From student life to Vogue fame in one action packed year, here Daisy Knights’ creations have already been snapped up by our most loved style icons and proved that ethically responsible jewellery can still be achingly cool.  

Splitting her time between the simple life in the countryside and the rush of her production process, Daisy tells us a little bit more about the passion and inspiration behind her jewellery collections and what the future holds for this wonderfully British label. 

Your collection has taken off at incredible speed, how does that feel?
It’s great, I’m so happy that people want to buy and wear my designs! I saw my bracelets in Vogue this month and had a moment of "wow, this time last year, I was at university and now my jewellery is in Vogue!" 

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