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Osklen AW10 at Sao Paulo Fashion Week- Exclusive Report

On Sunday our special reporter Mariana Guimaraes joined Brazil’s stylish elite for the launch of Sao Paulo Fashion Week and as lucky enough to catch the Osklen show

Written by Mariana Guimarães

Talking about winter fashion in a tropical country can always be a little tricky, especially in the middle of January. It is oh-so-hot here in Sao Paulo, where everyone is secretly dreaming of a world where wearing light cotton pyjamas for a day at work wouldn’t be frowned upon. More than making a statement and translating a concept into shapes and silhouettes, Brazil champions the intelligent use of fabrics, textures and color is elemental – with today’s designer du jour being no exception.

oskl_i10_029_altaAll imagery courtesy of Osklen

Osklen is a Brazilian brand renowned for its smart eco-friendly stance that finds inspiration in the dynamism of the urban landscape highlighting the exuberance of Brazilian natural beauty. The style cohesively presented in every collection comes directly from Creative Director Oskar Metsavaht’s passions – such as sport and travel. Osklen’s designs always manage to coherently reflect the national structure which successfully integrates nature, culture,… read more

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