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Owl Parliament feat. Emmy the Great, Mount Eerie, Aidan Moffat, Blue Roses – Live Review

Union Chapel hosts some of today's best singer-songwriters, their fragile folk perfectly suited to the beautiful surroundings

Written by Emma Tucker

Yes yes, store patient we get it. We all know that Gorillaz is an ‘imaginary’ band made up of four Jamie Hewlitt-created cartoon characters who ‘play’ the instruments and ‘give’ interviews (read: the label offers out pre written interview answers for journalists to do with them what they will, or occasionally, in some hideous PR-created postmodern nightmare scenario, well-known character actors pretend to be the band members and give phone interviews. Seriously). Oh, and they all live together on a big floating island made up of the planet’s rubbish. Very clever, boys, but can we drop it now please?  Three albums in, this schtick is getting rather tiresome - the joke has been dragged out waaay too long. What are you hiding from, Damon Albarn?  Come forward, don’t be shy and stop playing silly buggers with your hairy mate with the felt tips, because Plastic Beach is yet another work of brilliance from the prolifically creative brain of Colchester’s prodigal son.

What is instantly clear, in comparison… read more

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