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People Speak – Who Wants to Be?

As the world meets in Copenhagen to discuss Climate Change, an art collective is inviting you to decide your own fate

Written by Valerie Pezeron

People1All Photos © The People Speak

The People Speak is an arts and technology collective with a very good idea; it is inviting the world to decide its own fate in the most important game show on the planet and why not take part?!
To tie in with the visit of world leaders to Copenhagen, order on Friday 18th December Who Wants to Be...? will see a live audience of 400 in the Danish capital and thousands of people around the world invest €5 each and discuss and vote on how to spend the budget they have created in the interests of saving the planet. The game show gives people a new way of making global decisions and financing them with real money, ask allowing the participants to have a very real influence on the environmental issues world leaders are considering at the United Nations Climate Change conference.
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