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An interview with painter, Jethro Buck

In celebration of Jethro Buck's solo exhibition at the North Wall Arts Centre, Amelia's Magazine took a trip to Oxford to visit the exquisite painter's studio...

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft


Edgar Degas’ statement; “Art is not what you see, mind medicine but what you make others see, viagra 100mg ” pre-empts the paintings of Jethro Buck. Whilst Buck and Degas’ individual work relates to painting’s ability to convey emotional expressions by their manifold, their similarity lies in an ability to push the audience’s understanding of what it is to see the world.

Jethro Buck’s most recent paintings explore the geometry and non-linear perspective employed within Indian and Persian Miniatures in the creation of… read more

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Written by Amelia Gregory

[IMAGE] Reeds Laura Ward has both striking portraits and moody black and white landscapes in her portfolio, viagra but what initially drew me to her work was her‘mirror’ set on […]