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Apu Jan: London Fashion Week A/W 2013 Catwalk Review

Royal College of Art graduate Apu Jan presented his LFW A/W 2013 collection in Fashion Scout venue Freemasons' Hall on Friday 15th February

Written by Jessica Cook

Apu Jan LFW AW 2013 by Karolina Burdon
Apu Jan LFW A/W 2013 by Karolina Burdon

"Did you see it?" Another writer asks me after the show. "See what?" I say. “I can’t believe I missed it,” I exclaim after I've been informed, shaking my head. “It would have been the highlight of my day." There’s some kind of strange non-sexual delight that can be taken from witnessing a public nip-slip, perhaps because of how the British press deals with nudity, perhaps because there’s a trace of irony in an unintentional birthday-suit reveal during a show that’s meant to focus attention on clothes. This sneak-peek also undermines the potential wear-ability of garments, if with so much preparation the models still experience accidental over-exposure. I feel slightly disappointed in myself for being right there in the heart of the action and missing this accidental nudity mid-show. Although, I'm informed that rather than the full-package it was just a quick flash of some nipple-tape. I pledge to pay more attention in future.

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