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Milhouse From Memory: A Belly Kids Book by Kieran Gabriel

Kieran Gabriel explains what inspired this intriguing project and explains how you can get involved.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Josh Wayles MH
Josh Wayles.

Cult indie book publisher Belly Kids is collaborating with Kieran Gabriel to produce a book dedicated to the Simpsons character of Milhouse. And you can get involved: to find out how read on.

Jean Jullien MH
Jean Jullien.

Tom J Newell MH
Tom J Newell.

What inspired the creation of Milhouse From Memory (why him, a lesser known character from the Simpsons) and why is it so important to you that artists create their artwork from memory?
It originally started as a silly game I would play with some friends, challenging each other to draw different Simpsons characters from memory. We’re all huge fans and it seems quite easy initially and ended up providing hilarious results. I then took… read more

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