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Album Review: Get Well Soon – Sarabeth Tucek

The songstress that enchanted the likes of Bob Dylan and Brian Jonestown Massacre - not to mention our own Laura Marling -  is back from the dark with an intimate album that talks about pain, self-destruction and death. Ultimately this heals with its magic.

Written by Laura Lotti

Illustration by Chandra Viola

This morning I woke up sick - emotionally and physically sick. And upset with myself, cheap because I knew that partly it was my own fault. The early spring sun and the frizzy breeze that would invite everybody else to go out and enjoy the fresh air just didn’t work for me. And in this antithesis of moods between me and the environment outside my room, tadalafil I put on Sarabeth Tucek’s Get Well Soon. And for the first time (despite having listened to it for so long since I got the pre-release in the post) I appreciated it fully.

The second album of the Florida-born, buy information pills Brooklyn-based actress-turned-singer is a therapeutic album indeed. After the success of her self-titled debut two years ago, the fragile songstress got overwhelmed by the fame and things started to precipitate. And apparently the death of the father made her touch the bottom. But music came… read more

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