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Illustration exhibition: Zoë Barker’s Values

The 'Values' exhibition by illustrator Zoë Barker is a reminder of how brand names change our idea of belonging. The subtle but punchy pencil drawings are now on display at the excellent Department of Coffee and Social Affairs.

Written by Jessica Furseth

There is something slightly uneasy about Zoë Barker’s ‘Values’ series. Not the art itself, as taken in isolation the images are beautifully, meticulously drawn. I'm talking about meaning behind them, which leave you walking away feeling a little awkward. We know that we trade personality for convenience every time we go to Tesco instead of an independent shop, but we do it anyway. But we know we are contributing in a small way to a change that we're not entirely happy about.

Zoë Barker grew up in a small Suffolk village which was Tesco-free for a long time, before one day she came back to visit family and found a Superstore rudely whacked down right on the high street. This is what prompted the artist and illustrator (and Amelia's Magazine contributor!) to start her 'Values' series.

McDonald's, Ikea, block housing and packaged holidays are all part of Zoë's artwork, dramatically juxtaposed against local restaurants, carpenters, classic houses and the English seaside. The pictures are from Zoë's family albums, but what they represent are things that are… read more

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