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The Laden Showroom: Not just another shopping website

If you pop into your browser right now, and you’ll find a teasing, anticipation building countdown clock. But on the 22nd of February this clock will transform into a brand spanking new e-tail store, the online arm of The laden showroom

Written by Rachael Millar


Valentines schmallentines. Yup, visit this more about that's what I normally think. But for some reason I'm in a good mood this year. Although that doesn't stop me grumbling about the excessive tat for sale in absolutely every shop I enter. Who the hell wants a light up musical plastic toad covered in hearts? Just one of the ridiculous landfill-bound items available on the groaning Valentine's Day display in one supermarket I visited.

But I was leaving my singing class last night when our teacher wished us all a Happy Valentines Day and I realised that this celebration of love has become a national event not unlike Christmas or Easter. How did that happen? But maybe it is a good thing… I shall explain.

Most of the time I have been on my own on Valentine's Day. As a teenager my first boyfriend (this is him now. EWWWWWWWWWW. Amazing what you can do with google! I swear he was a smooth looker… read more

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Me & Zena… and me too please!!

Listen up ladies forget what you think you know about accessories! Me & Zena is the new go-to for fun, flirty, throw-your-hands-in-the-air-because-you-just-don’t-care jewellery.

Written by Rachael Millar

All Illustrations courtesy of Valerie Pezeron Imagine never having done any presentation to more than 30 people in your lifetime and that did not really matter because they were your […]


Cockpit Arts Open Studio in Deptford

At the Cockpit Arts Open Studio event in Deptford last weekend Rachael Millar met up with a promising young designer called Emma Hamshare who looks set for big things.

Written by Rachael Millar

London Undercover If you’re looking for a quirky present this Christmas why not opt for an umbrella with a twist? London undercover is a new brand which specialises in quintessentially […]


Get knitted-out for Christmas with Ascension

Central London store Ascension get their knitting needles to the ready

Written by Rachael Millar

Illustration by Verity Smith Waking on Friday morning I can tell by the sunlight streaming into my room that for a change it’s a bright and clear day, mind good […]


Grab yourself a cheeky pair of Monkee Genes

If you've been looking high and low for a decent and affordable pair of jeans but don't want to compromise your ethics, Monkee Jeans might just have that special pair you've been searching for...

Written by Rachael Millar

All photographs © Olga and Ania Mici?ska One cold rainy morning back in October consisted of a trip down in the direction of Deptford to check out the 12th Deptford […]


Fashion Targets Breast Cancer on the QT

Stars join host Pearl Lowe for an exclusive gig at London’s Proud Galleries

Written by Rachael Millar

Side-projects by band members can be hit and miss affairs- it’s either a radical departure from the “day job” or sounds so similar that you end up thinking, cialis 40mg […]