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Sorted London Exhibition Review: featuring Jo Cheung, Thomas Leadbetter, Eleanor Bedlow, Lucy Wragg, Sean Burtenshaw and more

A new crop of creative talent are showcasing the best of their new work at the East Gallery on Brick Lane until Thursday 16th June. Why not pop in and take a look? But first a sneak preview of the best art on display.

Written by Amelia Gregory

You and Me by Jo Cheung
You and Me by Jo Cheung.

Sorted is the brainchild of Westminster Illustration graduate Lucy Wragg, side effects whose work first impressed me at the degree show last year. Since then she's been involved in a plethora of other exhibitions before she decided on Sorted as a way to showcase the work of her contemporaries. The vast majority of the artists showing graduated from the Westminster illustration course in the past few years so there was a nice sense of camaraderie at the private view, which I attended last Thursday. Here's a small selection of what's on show.

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