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Northumbria University: Graduate Fashion Week 2012 Catwalk Review Part 1

In the first of two parts, here's our round-up of Northumbria University's latest fashion offering, shown at Graduate Fashion Week on Sunday 10 June. BOY it was good…

Written by Matt Bramford

Graduate collection by Emily Edge

It will be ten whole years in September since I started university at Northumbria University in Newcastle. Gulp. However old I may feel, I'm still incredibly attached to Northumbria and I'd never, ever say anything negative about their talent - not that there is ever anything negative to say (and I'm not just saying that, know what I'm saying). Yet again they didn't fail to dazzle with their wondrous collections. I chatted with Chris Hodge, senior lecturer at Northumbria, who told me I was in for a surprise and that more than half of the collections this year represented menswear. When I asked why, he said there'd been a shift in interest towards menswear; maybe that it was a more career-viable option, and that teaching had focussed on cut, texture and material.

I took my seat and as I reviewed the show notes an over-enthusiastic student came jogging by me, tripping over my camera case and going arse-over-tit right in front of the… read more

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