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Graduate Fashion Week 2010: London College of Fashion Graduate Natalie Rae

Sally Mumby-Croft celebrates Natalie Rae's accomplished collection with a conversation discussing her creative inspiration and ethical fashion credentials

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Natalie Rae graduated from the London College of Fashion 2010 class with a BA in fashion design technology (Womenswear). The designer caught Amelia's Magazine's attention for her stance against the use of fur in the fashion industry and the application of embroidery to create stunning textures on jacket shapes based on 1980's casual wear. Speaking to Natalie was an insight into the difficulties that await any designer (especially for students) branching into sustainable fashion design, symptoms namely the time and cost it takes to source from ethical sources.

With this fantastic collection Natalie blows apart the misconceived assumption that sustainable fashion has no place on the catwalk.

What was the starting point for your collection?

Before embarking on my initial research for my collection concepts, read more

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