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Gabby Young describes the making of the video for new single Walk Away

Gabby Young's new single is accompanied by a subtly beautiful video that features her father: here she describes how this collaboration came about.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Gabby Young By Eleanor Ballard
Gabby Young by Eleanor Ballard.

Walk Away is a ballad from Gabby Young's wonderful new album The Band Called Out For Me. Here the trained opera singer and songwriter extraordinaire describes the story behind the tune and the making of the beautifully simple but emotionally charged video that accompanies it.

Gabby-on-the-heath-by Gem Hall
Gabby Young by Sarah Wharton
Gabby Young by Sarah Wharton.

Okay so Walk Away is a song about my dad, about how I wanted him to walk away from things that were draining all his energy and… read more

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