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Flesh and Blood & Fish and Fowl: a review of the Mime Festival 2011 show at the Barbican

Flesh and Blood & Fish and Fowl features immaculate clowning from Geoff Sobelle and Charlotte Ford. It's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen, but there's a darker meaning behind the absurdities.

Written by Amelia Gregory

She and Him
She and Him

She and Him are cool eh? Zooey Deschanel in the vintage clothes I would love in my collection and marvelous fringe, approved and Matt Ward, information pills wearing his sunglasses and nonchalance. They're also very happy sounding, buy which is great when strolling along a beach or beetling about in an open top car. But also when our beloved month of January is upon us, and we don't reside in the Southern Hemisphere. Joyous music can be very important for SAD (seasonal affective disorder) fighting. Like Angel Delight, oh so sweet, it's a joy to surround ourselves with sunny sounding high notes and chorus 'badadadaaaas'. Ah swimming in a dessert bowl. Together these two create dreamy, poppy, nostalgic music that's gentle, pleasant and cute as a button.

So, as a sunny treat, here we have the premiere of the new video for She & Him’s ‘Don’t Look Back’ (read more

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