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Billbored highlights

So after a nail-biting election, we now face the first coalition government since Winston Churchill’s wartime administration – but first thing’s first, did any of you catch those cheeky ‘Billbored’ slogans??

Written by Kat Phan

Illustration by Leinz

The above scene probably wasn’t too far off how things looked during those first few days after the election, information pills as talks between Nick Clegg and David Cameron opened and a five-day negotiation period ensued. This image is just one of the many political slogans designed by an array of artists, which were projected onto a number of London landmarks during the election campaign.

Billbored’ – launched by POLLOCKS – is an art collective, spearheaded by artist and curator Josef Valentino, who described the project as a viral art initiative aiming to empower people: "The political parties aren't inspiring us, so we will have to inspire ourselves."

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