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An interview with Lupen Crook about new album British Folk Tales

Medway born and now London based artist Lupen Crook describes the making of his new album British Folk Tales.

Written by Amelia Gregory

lupen crook by chris brake
Lupen Crook by Chris Brake.

Outsider artist and musical savant Lupen Crook returns with his 5th self produced album, created for only £600 at home in Camden. I first came across him some years ago when I introduced Lupen Crook to the world via the print pages of Amelia's Magazine: alongside his unique talent I admired in him the DIY ethos that chimed so well with my own. Since then he's remained on the fringes, a place he inhabits well: here his idiosyncratic take on life is able to manifest in acerbic, angry but always exciting songs that walk the space somewhere between folk, indie and grunge. Lead single Treasons To Be Beautiful is an anthemic refrain about the state of the UK today. It kicks off new album British Folk Tales with a brilliant animated video that showcases the collaged artwork that Lupen has become equally well known for. Despite his occasional pessimism life is looking pretty good for Crook.

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