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An Interview with Rodrigo Souto

From tattoos to collage, Rodrigo Souto is a talented young artist hailing from Brazil. We sit down to have a chat about art, tattoos and street painting...

Written by Amica Lane


All Images Courtesy of Rodrigo Souto

One of my favourite things about collages, shop is the incorporation of materials from a wealth of different sources to create a finished project; rather than relying on one source. With this in mind, viagra it’s no surprise that Rodrigo Souto chooses to primarily work on collages based on his background. From street art in Brazil to working as a tattoo artist; Souto is an adroit creative, pharm whose work has been featured in The Brick Lane Gallery and been snapped up by art collectors. Poised to be a great success in the art world, his portfolio of work continues to strengthen. This is great news for me, who has two Souto originals inked on my body. I can skin myself for cash if hard up in the future. And they laughed… read more

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