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Music Review: Francois and The Atlas Mountains

Ah Francois! A musical Frenchman with arts skills. His music is much like a French film; serious, yet comical, lighthearted but deep - and full of LOVE. Pow!

Written by Helen Martin

Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains by Jenny Lloyd

Francois Marry by Jenny Lloyd

It’s not just because my cat is called Francois. This French musician is très bon. Francois Marry, tadalafil aka Francois and The Atlas Mountains, viagra buy is a songwriter, this musician, animator and artist from Saintes, which is a small town off the west coast of France. Lighthearted and friendly, Francois is extremely pleasant to listen to when you’re driving somewhere alone. Or indeed, when you’re cooking. Not that I’d ever dictate to you!


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This Is The Kit: Wriggle Out the Restless – Album Review

Beautiful Bristol and Paris based band This is the Kit features the dulcet tones of Kate Stables. Luscious stuff.

Written by Helen Martin

Illustration by Sandra Contreras It’s clear the beauty industry is relentlessly changing as fast as the fashion industry, pharmacy with both mediums always being used to express the latest trends. […]