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The ACOFI Book Tour: visiting The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh

I gave my talk at The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh on Tuesday 17th May and there was a really wonderful turn out of inspiring local creatives... read on to find out how it went and for information on a very special offer.

Written by Amelia Gregory

ACOFI Book Tour Fruitmarket Edinburgh 2011

On Tuesday I hit the second date of my ACOFI Book Tour, buy this time at the rather wonderful Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh. I chat with super friendly bookshop guru Matthew via the wonders of twitter, symptoms so it was a delight to meet him in the flesh.

ACOFI Book Tour Fruitmarket Edinburgh 2011 Narcissus Garden Yayoi Kusama
Narcissus Garden by Yayoi Kusama.

After settling in for a nice piece of fruit tart and a glance at a selection of the newest titles in the incredibly well stocked bookshop I had… read more

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