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Harry Pye’s Values at Sartorial Contemporary Art: Exhibition Review

I've known artist Harry Pye for many a moon: we once worked together on a free magazine called D+ in the Truman Brewery, and since then I've followed his career with interest. I asked mutual friend and fellow fan Liz Cook to review his latest solo exhibition at the Sartorial Contemporary Art gallery: Harry Pye's Values.

Written by Liz Cook

Richard Galpin Splinter XIII
Hot Fiction by Aniela Murphy.

The King William IV, adiposity located north of ‘where the hell am I?’, order or on this Saturday night, the river Thames, is a relatively secluded venue that doubles as a hostel. This is where I find myself for tonight’s Hot Fiction gig, the blues and riff led garage band that have been unashamedly filling up my commute time for most of the past week since discovering their debut record Dark Room. Arriving at the venue, having been drenched by what appears to be the second flood, I was ready for a stiff drink and a warm welcome, and luckily I was greeted by both.

Once the band took to stage, which at first I incidentally thought they were staff; due to their laid back and approachable manner, they enthusiastically introduced themselves and got to work at rocking the room. Easing any newcomers in with their blissful sound of soul filled vocals that can make the toughest man quiver… read more

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