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Creative Review Tweetup at the Design Museum: An insider’s perspective

I was gutted that I couldn't make it along to the first Creative Review tweetup - y'all know how much I love to go on about designers using twitter after all - but I managed to enlist Creative Review web maestro Neil Ayres to write up an insider's review. I missed out on a moleskine too. Damn.

Written by Neil Ayres

Photo by Halima O.

Last Thursday the first ever Creative Review tweetup took place at London’s Design Museum. As Amelia had so many other engagments - what with it being both London Fashion Week and the London Design Festival - she asked me to report back on how things went.

FlickrTwitter_mashup_ap_by Nice Agency_photo by ShantyUK
A twitter mashup, page photo by ShantyUK.

I’ve been tweeting for Creative Review for about sixteen months now, and it’s always been obvious that there’s a community made up of a particular type of creative… read more

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