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An interview with brand new SIX Magazine, and the rise and rise of ethical fashion

SIX is a brand new online Ethical fashion Magazine bringing design and style to the forefront of the slow fashion revolution. We chatted to the lovely Editor in Chief Alina Raetsep about the launch of the magazine, the rising awareness of ethical fashion, her northern roots and her mum. Lovely.

Written by Hannah Bullivant

Slow Fashion by Mina Bach

“We stand for slow fashion, click respect for clothes and those who created them, cure and the return to individuality” heralds the SIX Magazine website, viagra 60mg and I’m sold. Sign me up. The launch of SIX excites me as much as Alina’s infectious enthusiasm for creating change in the fashion industry. Read on and be inspired…

Firstly, can you tell me little about yourself? Who are you what floats your boat?
I am your average 25-year old, who decided against any kind of social life and instead willingly works without weekends and breaks. I get high knowing I am doing my own thing, paving my own way and working towards a great cause though, and that's worth missing out on that Bali holiday...

Who is your hero?
I have to say if there is one person who I look up to it's my mum. She's a titan, the strongest person I've ever met. She also has a great… read more

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