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An interview with Fairewell and review of debut album Poor, Poor Grendel

Johnny White is solely responsible for the beatific sounds of Fairewell. In this interview he explains how he's influenced by a combination of heavy metal and the magic of being a young child.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Fairewell by Jacqueline Valencia
Fairewell by Jacqueline Valencia.

The debut album from Fairewell starts with the beauteous tones of Grendel, after which the album is named. It's the soporific sounds of a thousand voices, electronic rustlings gradually underpinning the sampled loops as the whole comes to life before abruptly cutting to the jangly indie pop of Others Of Us. This is a record where seemingly random influences rub shoulders and dance along together in the Faraway World of Fairewell… a fairytale land full of half recognised tunes to lull you towards a beautiful haven. But I'll let Johnny himself explain what lies behind the dreamy sounds of his first long player.

Fairewell window
Fairewell is Johnny White - where does the quaint sounding name come from? 
I like the word a lot. It’s a reference to the song Farewell,… read more

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Our Broken Garden & Still Corners at St. Giles-in-the-Fields: Live Review

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