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Spring is in the air: Music to go travelling by

The almost-spring feeling is here, and I don’t know about you but it makes me want to go exploring. Nine excellent illustrators have chipped in to bring to life nine songs for journeying, whether it’s down dusty roads or up above the clouds. Happy vagabond-season, everyone!

Written by Jessica Furseth

Annie: Chewing gum (bonus track), illustrated by Mhairi-stella McEwan

Spring officially starts the first day you can run to the corner shop without a jacket, and that was a couple of weeks ago now. Soon it will be summer – the prime season for hitting the road, whether it’s for city breaks, festivals or far-away backpacking. So we’ve put together eight songs (and a bonus track) for getting on the road – each interpreted by an illustrator. The first half of the list is fitting of a road trip, for singing loud out of open windows, but it also works as a soundtrack for the Gatwick Express, as is more often the case for me. While the destinations make it worthwhile, the travelling itself can be a chore – meaning the second half has some more meditative tracks. These are for turbulent airplanes, or when you’ve been driving too long - they also work for hungover mornings on freezing buses or delayed flights with no end in sight. (If all else fails, try AC/DC.)

As this piece is a virtual illustrator-palooza, music videos have been omitted to curb the length, but click on the song names for the full YouTube experience. So without further… read more

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