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Girls – Album – A review

Welcome to the hopeless nu-romantics!

Written by Katie Weatherall


In this oversaturated music world, visit you just have to turn your back for one minute and the band that has caught your aural interest lately have multiplied into twenty-seven acts churning out a similar chime. With this never-ending stream of new bands emerging and hungry for an audience, a band with a bit of a story is a music journalist’s dream. Gone are the days where I can rate a band purely on the basis of their musical output, I want more than that. I need edge.

Hence, I once read that one of San Francisco duo Girls, singer and songwriter Christopher Owens, grew up in a cult and that has kept them within my radar ever since. So when their debut album lands on my desk, my appetite to sample it is insatiable. My excitement was so much so, that I was half expecting the same disappointment I got when I naively counted down the days until The Strokes' second album release only to have my room not set on fire. Or when I heard the rumours that Mutya Buena wouldn't be the last read more

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