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Little Glass Clementine: an interview with luxury recycled jewellery designer Clementine James

From committed climate activist to creator of luxury recycled necklaces, Clementine James has led an intriguing life so far. Here's an extract of her interview to be found in Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Little Glass Clementine by Lesley Barnes
Little Glass Clementine by Lesley Barnes.

Why the name?
I made up the name when I was at my family home on the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland, shop shop where I collect endless pieces of sea polished glass from the beach. I combined that with my first name Clementine because I thought it was kind of sweet.

Where do you work from?
I used to live and work on a little leaking narrow boat by Springfield Park in north London. But I now have a proper studio in Dalston with a big work desk. Makes life a little easier - less rocking!

You aren’t a trained jewellery designer, mind so what prompted you to start Little Glass Clementine?
I taught myself to make jewellery so that I could support myself… read more

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