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An interview with ace comedian and Latitude regular Robin Ince.

Robin Ince talks Latitude, crabs, climate change and the joys of Mills and Boon. Plus what he recommends you see at Latitude festival this year.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Robin Ince by Sayaka Monji.

I will not tell a lie - I first encountered Robin Ince only last month, when I attended his School for Gifted Children at Bloomsbury Theatre. Yes. I'm a comedy novice. But I do remember that the comedy and literary tents were the very best thing about Latitude when I went two years ago. I really want to go again this year, so it seemed a very good idea to catch up with Robin Ince, a Latitude staple since the beginnings of this ever popular Suffolk festival.

Hi Robin, can you tell me how long the Book Club has been involved with Latitude?
We brought the Book Club to Latitude in it's very first year when it was much smaller and there were not as many things going on. It didn't have a reputation at that point so it was very quiet and the organisers must have lost a fortune but then everyone left and told their friends how great it was and… read more

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