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Montreal Festimania 2011: First Peoples’ Festival Review

Between 2nd - 9th August 2011 the Montreal First People's Festival celebrated indigenous cultures across the Americas and beyond. Centred around the Place des Festivals, with events happening throughout the city.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Mohawk Dancer by Maria Papadimitriou aka Slowly The Eggs
Mohawk Dancer by Maria Papadimitriou aka Slowly The Eggs.

At the Place des Festivals in downtown Montreal there were iridescent reindeer wading through sparkling fountains of water next to a giant suspended teepee under which loitered a colourful turtle. Children splashed happily in the water as parents munched on freshly roasted chicken and blueberry corn bread.

Montreal Festimania 2011 First peoples
All photography by Amelia Gregory.

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